Saturday, December 20, 2008

Update on Scooter

Just a quick update on the little guy. We're on our 11th day and he's a little better but still on meds. We have him on 2 preds a day and 3 - .5 of pain med. which is every six hours. He does pretty well (although the vet suggested I NOT carry him all the time and that I crate him-I've never crated a furbaby in my life). He doesn't like being in the large crate but even at night I sit it next to me and stick my arm in and pet him. During the day, he is moving around a little but the first thing in the morning when he awakens..........he's stiff, sore and screams! A lot! Once the med is administered within an hour or so it takes over and he's back to Scooter again. We're hoping to get the bulging disc in his neck down and just wait and see. Don't forget him in thoughts and prayers. Photobucket
Hopefully, He'll be back to his feisty self soon.!!!