Monday, February 18, 2013

My precious Briana and her family had the flu! Yuck!

Mama showing Briana how to use the camera on her cell phone

Gage and sleepy Colten snuggling in the chair.
My gorgeous daughter and her youngest, Gage.

My sweet daughter and her boys were sick this weekend. The two boys (Colten and Gage) and mama had the flu. Hate when I am this far away and can't help them or make them better.

Our Bindi Girl

Baby Girl and Bindi

My precious Bindi

Bindi is the only one not in a bed

Our gorgeous fashionista Bindi

Bindi chillaxin'

Our precious baby girl Bindi has been limping the last couple of days. Will be watching her carefully. Hope she does not have luxating patella!!! She can walk with a slight limp, and she can go down the stairs but she is having trouble going back up and trouble jumping onto the couch. Will watch and if no better will have an x-ray and checkup done by the vet.