Friday, March 26, 2010

Our family get together at LaRae's

We all got together at LaRae's and all except Briana and her family and Madison were there of "my favorite girls" love ALL of them.

Aren't they all beautiful even Briana and Madison are like them, WOW!!!!

I am so proud of my family.

LaRae, Erin, Crystal (dil) holding her Ella
Ashlyn and Emma leaning against mama LaRae
We miss you Breezy and Madison

Holden, Aiden and Jadon
Missed Colten and Chase and Austin

Marc's new precious "Moose"

This is without a doubt the sweetest guy ever...he is a rescue and loves Marc's 4 kids and is a great house his coloring...

Our last snow of the year on the first day of spring