Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa visited the 6 furries

On one of the coldest days of our year...Santa made his visit at the Dog Dish here in our hometown.....thank goodness we were the first in line to sit on Santa's lap. The first 4 had their picture taken while we were unloading the other two, the whole time, Scooter the one on the far right, was crying for his mama (just like a baby) and the others were not taking their eyes off of mama. They were not too much more confident of this guy that had let two of them slide down in his lap last year and than let the elf snap the picture as two were totally hidden in Santa's lap.
As soon as the picture was snapped (outside of course) we packed the 6 back into the stroller and headed home. Although the last picture is from Thanksgiving...they all came home and still collapsed on the couch.... that jolly ol' man was more than they want to see again for quite awhile.
Who knows, maybe next year if the least Fred and I got in the picture to help out this year and wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!