Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Special Christmas present

Just got through talking to our daughter (Sarah) in Portland, Oregon, and they've been snowed Photobucket in with airport, roads and city closings for several days now. This is their first experience with this heavy of snow. Photobucket They (Sarah and Todd) just moved there a month ago from Texas (job transfer). Quite a change but a brand new experience for them. It's rough that they're not going to be here for the holidays this year........but we're trying our first web cam call on Christmas day.Photobucket
This is new for us too so we'll let you know how it does. Hugs and Merry Christmas to each of you. Photobucket

Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside


It's 11 degree outside right now. No snow, but lots of black ice, frost, and smokey breath. Not only do I not want to go out (remember I have California blood coursing through my veins still, even after all these years), but none of the furbabies want to go out.

Scooter is about the same...not worse...but not a whole lot better. Time will tell. Getting ready for the family get together.

We'll have two this year. One on Christmas day with all the families...plus, (except for Briana and her family, they'll be at the in-laws) and than Saturday we'll have family presents and get together day with Breezy and the family here for at least 8-10 days. That means....fun, shopping, fun, shopping. I love this time of the year (but not the cold).

I'll say it now...to all my family, friends, and visitors...
A Very Merry Christmas and blessings to you and your families.
Thank you for visiting here with us.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Update on Scooter

Just a quick update on the little guy. We're on our 11th day and he's a little better but still on meds. We have him on 2 preds a day and 3 - .5 of pain med. which is every six hours. He does pretty well (although the vet suggested I NOT carry him all the time and that I crate him-I've never crated a furbaby in my life). He doesn't like being in the large crate but even at night I sit it next to me and stick my arm in and pet him. During the day, he is moving around a little but the first thing in the morning when he awakens..........he's stiff, sore and screams! A lot! Once the med is administered within an hour or so it takes over and he's back to Scooter again. We're hoping to get the bulging disc in his neck down and just wait and see. Don't forget him in thoughts and prayers. Photobucket
Hopefully, He'll be back to his feisty self soon.!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Scooter's Sick!

Scooter has been sick since Wednesday (12/10) He had been outside and came back in and suddenly started squeeling. It was awful. The other 4 were as upset as I was and kept coming to him and kissing him. We rushed to the vet and of course, she only guessed that with the symptoms, etc. that he possibly had a cracked rib or had a bad disc in his back. He's so small we decided to wait on all the blood work and x-rays. She put him on pain med and prednizone. The next couple of days were horrible. He'd be OK for a while and than he start squeeling again. Either Bindi, who is 5 lbs and lots bigger, possibly jumped on him to get him to play or with the high winds a small branch could have fallen and hit him, we found one out where he visits in the back. Called a specialist today and he changed the meds around more Pred and less pain meds...hope that works. He finally is sleeping after crying (along with me, it was awful) until 2:30 a.m.
The vet told me that problems are much worse in furbabies that are as small as Scooter or Spencer. They tend to have things happen more severely to them.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa and the 5 furkids

Cold and windy on Sunday, but Santa showed up to have his pictures taken with the furkids. And would they co-operate? Just see. Poor Santa had 720 pictures taken that day at our Doggie Play date place...the Dog Dish. They spoil our kids, Halloween, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, etc. Anyway, Santa was sure a trouper to have his picture taken with some of the dogs. They came in all sizes and shapes and pulled his beard, licked his face and other not so nice things, but he held up for it all. This is the 2nd year some of ours have had their pictures taken with him...makes a great card. Happy day until the storm last night and 3 of the 5 were up all night. We had a light dusting of snow but it disappeared almost immediately. In the pictures, a couple kept falling so I helped...starting from your left to right...Bindi, Sam, Sloan, Scooter and Spencer and of course me in a couple of shots.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Day "Pig Out"

Breezy and Colten

Chuck playing football

Erin and Marc smoking his cigar

The football game (Marc, Austin and Holden)

Madison and the twins: Emma and Ashlyn

LaRae organizing

Crystal, Briana and my Colten

Sweet Crystal

"Chunky Monkey" Baby Ella standing and walking two days later (not yet 1)

The day ended up being beautiful. It wasn't too cold for this time of the year and we could eat and than go to the park that's behind Marc's house to work some of the food off. Marc and Crystal had it at their house because this was the first holiday since her mama had passed away. We hadn't planned on being in town for this holiday, we were going to a resort. Crystal called and said that she wanted her "mama" there. We couldn't say no to our "favorite daughter-in-law" (Oops, she's our only daughter-in-law) when she's as awesome as she is. I'm so blessed with all my son-in-laws and my daughter-in-law. No one could ask for better.
They cooked a turkey, Briana cooked a turkey, Erin and Chuck cooked a turkey and we cooked a small 10 lb. turkey. We had a crowd! It was enough that for the first time everyone had a few left-overs to take home. There wasn't a thing missing and each person brought what was assigned to them to bring (including my ex - I taught the family that no matter what he is their dad and will always be their dad, so he is included now in the family functions.) Baby Ella was just taking her first steps (she is now fully walking by herself), Colten loved being with his cousins Aiden, Holden, Austin, Chase, and Zane (Crystal's nephews....we don't count the girls because they're G-I-R-L-S). The girls played quietly together and it was great to watch them all. I even bought cigars for all the guys to enjoy as they played football. Great family day and that's what I'm most thankful for.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

LaRae's Surprise Birthday Party

We had the huge surprise birthday celebration for LaRae on Saturday. Steve took her to a ball for his company and it was late when it was over, so he had a planned surprise for her with an overnight at a elegant hotel with an hour long spa treatment the next morning, breakfast and than a movie. He kept her so busy she had no time to check on the kids at home. She thought Erin was sitting, but Briana and her family drove in from Texas (they're staying for the week) and got the decorations going. Chuck of course did the cooking, even brought his BBQ over to do some of it. Everyone arrived and within half an hour Steve brought LaRae in. As you see, she was overwhelmed. She had always wanted an exotic island beach theme and Erin and Briana surprised her with the decorations. Not a detail was missed. The girls had their hula skirts (which Colten had to try) and everything took us to the islands. Austin even got his suit on for his mom. It continued on late into the evening because later it turned out to be game day and Chuck and Steve had planned a party for that. Great food, great friends and great time! (Click on the pictures and they enlarge).Also below is a hula video of Colten. (Click on the play button)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dog ownership is like a rainbow. Puppies are the joy at one end, Old Dogs are the treasure at the other.


Sam and Spencer



It started out at 37 degrees this morning and is up to 42 right now. For most that isn't cold, but remember California blood still courses through my veins. I guess that I passed my feelings toward cold, nasty, achey weather on to the furkids. They can hardly wait for me to open the southern windows in the morning to feel that sun. Yes those are former grandkids chairs that they sunbathe in now. They also have some of their own beds. I won't tell you about the pj's that I have them wear, because than you would think I'm really nuts. They enjoyed this so much and when the sun moved so did they to the back of couches, etc. to see if they could spot anyone trying to go by the house, because they're sure that's how they can protect me.
Those squirrels are really dangerous!