Tuesday, November 25, 2008

LaRae's Surprise Birthday Party

We had the huge surprise birthday celebration for LaRae on Saturday. Steve took her to a ball for his company and it was late when it was over, so he had a planned surprise for her with an overnight at a elegant hotel with an hour long spa treatment the next morning, breakfast and than a movie. He kept her so busy she had no time to check on the kids at home. She thought Erin was sitting, but Briana and her family drove in from Texas (they're staying for the week) and got the decorations going. Chuck of course did the cooking, even brought his BBQ over to do some of it. Everyone arrived and within half an hour Steve brought LaRae in. As you see, she was overwhelmed. She had always wanted an exotic island beach theme and Erin and Briana surprised her with the decorations. Not a detail was missed. The girls had their hula skirts (which Colten had to try) and everything took us to the islands. Austin even got his suit on for his mom. It continued on late into the evening because later it turned out to be game day and Chuck and Steve had planned a party for that. Great food, great friends and great time! (Click on the pictures and they enlarge).Also below is a hula video of Colten. (Click on the play button)

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Tina said...

I WANT to be there! So fun... You are so lucky to have everyone around... I'm jealous. Happy Birthday LaRae!