Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Day "Pig Out"

Breezy and Colten

Chuck playing football

Erin and Marc smoking his cigar

The football game (Marc, Austin and Holden)

Madison and the twins: Emma and Ashlyn

LaRae organizing

Crystal, Briana and my Colten

Sweet Crystal

"Chunky Monkey" Baby Ella standing and walking two days later (not yet 1)

The day ended up being beautiful. It wasn't too cold for this time of the year and we could eat and than go to the park that's behind Marc's house to work some of the food off. Marc and Crystal had it at their house because this was the first holiday since her mama had passed away. We hadn't planned on being in town for this holiday, we were going to a resort. Crystal called and said that she wanted her "mama" there. We couldn't say no to our "favorite daughter-in-law" (Oops, she's our only daughter-in-law) when she's as awesome as she is. I'm so blessed with all my son-in-laws and my daughter-in-law. No one could ask for better.
They cooked a turkey, Briana cooked a turkey, Erin and Chuck cooked a turkey and we cooked a small 10 lb. turkey. We had a crowd! It was enough that for the first time everyone had a few left-overs to take home. There wasn't a thing missing and each person brought what was assigned to them to bring (including my ex - I taught the family that no matter what he is their dad and will always be their dad, so he is included now in the family functions.) Baby Ella was just taking her first steps (she is now fully walking by herself), Colten loved being with his cousins Aiden, Holden, Austin, Chase, and Zane (Crystal's nephews....we don't count the girls because they're G-I-R-L-S). The girls played quietly together and it was great to watch them all. I even bought cigars for all the guys to enjoy as they played football. Great family day and that's what I'm most thankful for.


Tina said...

Everyone looks so beautiful! It looks like a fantastic day.

Anonymous said...

You are one lucky lady looks like a whole lot of love going around in your family!!So much too be thankful for!! Hugs~ Mollygirlsmom