Thursday, January 22, 2009

A weekend from the pits of hell!

Fred and I had been sick with the flu and couldn't seem to get better and than I started having headaches..........which culminated Friday afternoon in severe tooth pain...and I than realized I had a raging, bulging abscess. Tried all day Friday and Saturday to get into my dentist..........but the inconsideration of the man, the one weekend that my dentist who also specializes in after hours and weekends was out of town in a seminar..........Talk about "Hell Weekend" that's too nice a description of it....Hell couldn't even come close to what I experienced that weekend. By the time Monday came and my looked liked I had a grapefruit on the side of my face....

Now my terror and fear was in full gear, blood pressure was heart attack range and I couldn't even be touched...but than total, sweet, complete bliss, all subsided within 20 minutes of taking the chair and breathing in and letting those three little delightful pills slowly melt in my mouth and that sweet gas smell invade my pitiful little body.

I wish I could tell you how well it went and what a good patient I was, but happily Maryann had completely left the building. I can't even tell you of events the rest of that day and even the next day, but by Wednesday....I knew that even though I now totally understood and know why people become drug addicts, I was back to normal(?). I'm here, not totally and will be off for a few more days.......not quite as quick or sharp as I should be and I know that is what you look for in these blogs and comments of mine. So keep me in your thoughts and a few prayers would help and I'll be back in a few days......


Friday, January 16, 2009

The Scooter update

Got pics of the 4 of the 5..........Scooter is doing better.......still has pain but can go 2-3 days before it returns and this time it only last 15 minutes instead of 3-4 hours.
We won a raffle prize and the Monkey Daze t-shirt that Scooter is wearing is part of what we won. The bow Bindi has in her hair is 1 of 3 that we won.....
It's almost impossible to get pics of the furbutts with tongues but I was lucky enough to get one of Scooter(white) and one of Spencer(black). There's also a pic of Sam but not one of Sloan. Will get one later. We keep everyone posted....thanks for caring and sorry it took so Wednesday is 6 weeks.......and back to the vet.