Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our Cruise

We got to go on another cruise with my daughter (Erin) and her family again. This time we went to Nassau, Bahamas; Puerto Rico, and St. Maarten plus Half Moon Cay. It was fabulous! The most fun we have had in a long time. Have to do another with the whole family. What a dream!
On our way!

Holland entryway

Holden and Aiden (So Handsome)
Erin and me! (love it)
Holden, Chuck and Aiden at dinner!

So beautiful!

So gorgeous.

Erin my beautiful daughter

My handsome hubby, Fred
Lobster and steak which they served us at our request several times.
The Allison Resort and Spa
The beach we miss it.
Erin "working" at the beach.
The Griffith vacation immortalized.

Back home in Florida relaxing for 2 extra days.

Goodbye Scooter

Precious Scooter

My Baby Boy Scooter
Love my Baby Scooter

Good bye my precious boy, Scooter. You had so many wonderful years with us, I wish that we had had so many more. I miss you every single day. You were so tiny (2.5 lbs) but you had a big attitude and let us all know. There is a "small" hole in my heart where you were but a large amount of your love still remains.