Saturday, March 14, 2009

Grooming Day

Needless to say, they were exhausted and really did not cooperate too much, they have a big day tomorrow at St. Pawtrick Party. More pics than.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A day out at the Irish Paws celebration and get-together



OK had a movie for here, but had trouble uploading it so will have to do the pictures. It was a windy warm day for the Irish Paws celebration and we had a ball. Met up with some of our dear friends...Shirl and DJ and laughed the whole time. Awesome and crazy fun people.

We saw all the Westie rescues and the lab rescues and even saw a dog getting ready to do the musical chair tricks...Only had one 5 furs are always friendly and will submit and want to play with any dog they see but a huge tan greyhound wanted to show who was boss and as her owner was watching she let her greyhound bite poor Bindi's head. Needless to say that greyhound is no longer welcome anyplace we go and Bindi will turn her head and show attitude the next time we go there. That's OK Bindi is still the life of the party. The very top picture is poor Bindi after getting her head hurt! Poor baby!

Shirl has big dogs at home and Ely is the black and white dog that is one of hers, so she got her "little one" fix that day and helped me out with Scooter and Spencer and even Sam. My furs adore Ely, he is a gentle giant. He is 117 lbs. and Scooter, Spencer and Sam total 6 lbs.

My poor 5 crashed after a long day out there and shopping and lunch. It really was an awesome day.

Friday, March 6, 2009

4th Annual Irish Paws celebration

This is our fourth year and we will be catching up with friends and taking our 5 furs to have scavenger hunts and musical chairs and all their fun activities tomorrow. We will post pictures after the get together.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hey, maybe it is Spring

just to let you know, my brother Tom did make it home. 3 1/2 months gone and back home now (he even forgot where he parked the car at the airport but thanks to technology - flashed the lights and he found it).

It's going to be 82 here today and 84 tomorrow and of course as anyone well knows we now have fire dangers with the winds. This is also the season that my son-in-law, Charles Allison is busiest doing his storm chasing, after all, we are Oklahoma.
Stroller is coming out and since I got my new camera (my 7 year old digital camera crashed while I was at the funeral) lots of pictures of the furry 5 will be coming (if I can figure out how to operate it).

Even have to get them out to be groomed now and ready for their St. Pawtrick Celebration at our favorite dog store. As you remember 120 furs showed up at the last Valentine celebration, so they have to look their best. Lots of new friends for them to meet and hopefully it will be warmer this time.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Where fore art thou Oh Spring?

My lawn man stopped by today to see if I wanted the final leaves picked up before he starts the was 18 yesterday....Mowing? who is he kidding.

We're supposed to have warmer weather during the week and I'm talking about 80's (you could have fooled me) and than colder (60's) again on the weekend.

Got a little nervous, my brother,Tom, who has been in San Francisco since 11/19 (sick, hospital and other health issues) went to Texas to meet up with us for Dan's funeral. My other brother Mike wanted him to stay for a few days with him, just to be brothers and to have family close. Tom's supposed to leave tomorrow. Just saw on the weather channel that there is 5.5 inches of snow in Philadelphia, and that it will be freezing in the morning. It is with that thought that I wanted to dedicate this little graphic to my brother for leaving and heading back to snow and freezing weather.........(we had 80 degree weather during the funeral and time together)

(click on the picture to enlarge)

Maybe he'd like to reconsider and come visit (for 3 1/2 months) here with us. Think after the first day with 5 yorkies that he would be typing..........