Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa and the 5 furkids

Cold and windy on Sunday, but Santa showed up to have his pictures taken with the furkids. And would they co-operate? Just see. Poor Santa had 720 pictures taken that day at our Doggie Play date place...the Dog Dish. They spoil our kids, Halloween, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, etc. Anyway, Santa was sure a trouper to have his picture taken with some of the dogs. They came in all sizes and shapes and pulled his beard, licked his face and other not so nice things, but he held up for it all. This is the 2nd year some of ours have had their pictures taken with him...makes a great card. Happy day until the storm last night and 3 of the 5 were up all night. We had a light dusting of snow but it disappeared almost immediately. In the pictures, a couple kept falling so I helped...starting from your left to right...Bindi, Sam, Sloan, Scooter and Spencer and of course me in a couple of shots.


Lindsay said...

That is so adorable...can I have a photo for my website....can I can I PLEASE?

Tina said...

Oh, they are better for Santa than Ben was! They are so well behaved and cooperative. I wish my kids were that cooperative!