Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dog ownership is like a rainbow. Puppies are the joy at one end, Old Dogs are the treasure at the other.


Sam and Spencer



It started out at 37 degrees this morning and is up to 42 right now. For most that isn't cold, but remember California blood still courses through my veins. I guess that I passed my feelings toward cold, nasty, achey weather on to the furkids. They can hardly wait for me to open the southern windows in the morning to feel that sun. Yes those are former grandkids chairs that they sunbathe in now. They also have some of their own beds. I won't tell you about the pj's that I have them wear, because than you would think I'm really nuts. They enjoyed this so much and when the sun moved so did they to the back of couches, etc. to see if they could spot anyone trying to go by the house, because they're sure that's how they can protect me.
Those squirrels are really dangerous!

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