Monday, December 15, 2008

Scooter's Sick!

Scooter has been sick since Wednesday (12/10) He had been outside and came back in and suddenly started squeeling. It was awful. The other 4 were as upset as I was and kept coming to him and kissing him. We rushed to the vet and of course, she only guessed that with the symptoms, etc. that he possibly had a cracked rib or had a bad disc in his back. He's so small we decided to wait on all the blood work and x-rays. She put him on pain med and prednizone. The next couple of days were horrible. He'd be OK for a while and than he start squeeling again. Either Bindi, who is 5 lbs and lots bigger, possibly jumped on him to get him to play or with the high winds a small branch could have fallen and hit him, we found one out where he visits in the back. Called a specialist today and he changed the meds around more Pred and less pain meds...hope that works. He finally is sleeping after crying (along with me, it was awful) until 2:30 a.m.
The vet told me that problems are much worse in furbabies that are as small as Scooter or Spencer. They tend to have things happen more severely to them.


Lindsay said...

Shame Maryann
Poor Poor Scooter.Is he getting better yet?
I know that happened to Bubbles once because we lived in a duplex and she had to keep going up and down stairs.
Can't they give her a back brace or something for support
Love Lins

Tina said...

Oh, that is so hard! I hope he starts feeling better! Stay in, stay warm and keep him comfy... I know you are!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo sorry to hear about little Scooter! I'm sure you just wish you could take all the hurt yourself so that the precious little guy wouldn't feel so bad. Please know how much I care and am sending good thoughts for a FAST recovery for you and Scooter.
You really are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted as to his progress.