Monday, November 17, 2008

Fred's Very First 1/2 Marathon

Fred did his very first 1/2 marathon on Sunday. He had projected that he would do it in 2:15 which was the average for his age and pace group...he did it in 1:57. So proud of him. I didn't want him to do it because I was worried about him. He's done the annual Tulsa Run for 25 years (9.3 miles. Beat his former record of 1:28 by 7 minutes 1:21) but this was a hilly 12.1 miles. He's moving a little slow last night and today but it was worth it.
Had to awaken him 1/2 hr. earlier that morning because the pilot on our heater had blown out which made it 42 outside and almost inside. Needless to say, because of the California blood still coursing through my veins, I still don't like the cold. Now Oklahoma does not have severe fall or winters, but cold is cold. That was prefaced to tell you that I did not go...and because of that, no pictures but I will post from his Tulsa Run last month. He's just as cute in that as he was yesterday. He's so proud of himself.

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Anonymous said...

That's one sexy senior!!!! Need I say more.....?