Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Flashing polka dots!

The furbutts got groomed and than a friend, Rita, and her pom, Mia.......gave the kids new outfits............could not pass up the opportunity to show them off. Saw flashes of polka dots all day long. Bindi had a polka dot jacket with pink and two pink bows in her hair..........they're now ready for their valentine party...think the girls will go wild over the boys and the boys will go wild over Bindi? Love the polka dots.............

1. Scooter and Spencer in front with Sloan in the back.
2. Sam, Sloan, Bindi, Spencer and Scooter on the arm of the couch.
3. Same order
4. Bindi showing off her jacket with her new pink bows over each ear.


Lindsay said...

Aaaaawwwww....I am in love with those Polka dots...so cute!!
They look so adorable...sure to be a big hit at the party.I left you a response message to your two on my blog.
Love Lins

ARFTULSA said...

Adorable!I'm so glad your blogged by. I have been out of the dish because I lost my password and I'm boycotting the password request. I WILL remember it or break down soon :)and just ask for a new one. Hugs, Jen