Friday, February 27, 2009

The legacy of Our Clan

What an insight to human nature the funeral was in San Antonio. Found out what an amazing man Dan was.

Got to see families in action that we hadn't seen in years. The amazing part was that as much as they would not like me to say it, there was a tremendous similarity in generations. Each generation still has their own issues, insights and comments but are all alike. As we had once said, we will do things different than our parents, I know the younger generation would like to think that they had a heads up on us, but after listening to their conversations and comments, I don't think that the proverbial acorn falls too far from the tree. History has found itself repeating over and over again in similar manner and as we found will find itself cloned in history from their generation and repeated in that of their children who will say the exact same thing in years to come, but with a little added twist to their version.

Closeness (which is yet to be discovered) is remaining tied to the family no matter what the issue, no matter who it is and honoring Ione and Sam no matter what, that insight comes "not" with just new discovery and excitement at times, but with age and time and wisdom of having been through it. That is something you can not share (because it's not something that anyone want to hear at this time) but it is true pearls of wisdom that is a prophecy that we have lived and will be fulfilled in the next generation.

It was pure deja' vu several times too when I heard their interpretations and perception of things which were just like our generation, just different word. We wanted to do things different than our parents, but we repeated so much and turned out to be them in so many ways. And the true reality is that I know they will and their children and those children will repeat similar history and human nature. It's inherited.

Some do not have siblings close in location and don't have the bond of closeness to them, but have now reached out instead to the cousins and that is such a good thing to see.

We are afterall, the Hozman clan and how can we be any different.

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