Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our relaxing weekend!

Had a great time for the 4th of July. Got together with family to eat BBQ and watch the fireworks.

On Sunday we did our weekly trip to Starbucks for the furkids and us and than went to the Dog Park for the first time with the furry 5. They were off of their leashes and leads for the very first time and guess what...they are my little social butterflies. Where do they get that from? They greeted everyone and played like crazy. Their only experience before has been the backyard, this was with about 15 other furs. They were the hit of the park.
They loved it, gave them about 1 1/2 hrs of freedom and socializing and than the heat started to get to all of us.

It was a great weekend and wished that I had more relaxing ones like that. Got to talk with both of my brothers and that made it even better.

Keeping so very busy with my Yorkie network...Yorkie Kingdom. It is the best place to be ever. It's so safe and people are so kind and wonderful. Wish I had found them last year and wouldn't have had the stress that I had before. Love them...
http://www.yorkiekingdom.net Let me know if you want to come visit. It is the most precious place to be...so AWESOME!

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