Sunday, April 18, 2010

Absolute Yorkies - How to remove sticky stuff from your Yorkie's Coat

Removing Sticky Stuff from Your Yorkie’s Coat
April 16th, 2010 ·

I promise to stay away from the paint mommy!

TODAY’S TIDBIT: It’s springtime and everybody wants to get outside and fix up their lawns and houses! People are bringing out the paint to repair winter’s wrath. Driveways are being resurfaced. We’re taking our Yorkies for longer walks on the city sidewalks. Why is it that Yorkies’ coats seem to me magnets for all this “sticky stuff?”

Here are a few “undesirable” substances our Yorkies have encountered and what we’ve done for “damage control”:

Tree sap: Almost hardens right away and makes a tangled mess. You can try and wash it out and then rub a little mink oil on the hair while you’re brushing your Yorkie’s coat.

Paint: If your dog isn’t going into the show ring, just let the paint wear out. A few baths over time should do the trick. NEVER use paint remover or solvent on your Yorkie! It’s poisonous if ingested by your dog and will really irritate their skin.

Tar: Cutting it out is your best bet. If the dog has a lot of tar in his coat, try rubbing the tar with petroleum jelly and wiping it off with a rag. Watch your Yorkie to make sure he doesn’t eat the tar.

Gum: It’s disgusting when people discard their chewed up gum on the sidewalk! Try rubbing the gum with ice cubes and then cutting it out. Be careful not to let your Yorkie eat the gum because it could get lodged in her throat.

To make life easier for you and your Yorkie, make sure the hair between and around the paddy paws is clipped away so if they do walk in some “junk” off the ground it won’t get stuck between the pads.


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